Unity 3d, Maya 2011  Fall, 2012

Role: Lead Designer & Artist, Programmer, and Writer

Above is a reel from my thesis in progress, a•part•ment. You can find out more about this project and find prototype demos at our development blog here.

a•part•ment consists of a series of short vignettes exploring ways to convey empathetic text interactively. The vignettes will revolve around the theme of an "autopsy of a relationship," providing a unified focus and direction while maintaining the idea of exploration and experimentation. In its ideal form, a•part•ment will consist of a suite of vignettes wrapped within a larger narrative about the end of a romantic relationship. The experiences will focus on conveying story primarily through text and creating introspective play experiences. Players will explore a surreal semblance of an apartment complex, uncovering the stories of the neighbors residing in it (via these vignettes) in order to understand the player character's relationship and breakup with his significant other.